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Know Your Astrologer: Joe G. Santos III

Updated: Feb 7

Hey! Thank you for visiting my blog at The Mercury Rising. Although this section is titled “Learn Astrology,” I believe it's essential for you to know who you're learning astrology from. So, I'd like to take this opportunity to share a bit about myself and my journey with astrology. So, hi! My name is Joe G, and it's nice to meet you!

How I Discovered Astrology

My fascination with the mystical began in an unexpected setting—a late-night show in Brazil, where Caetano Veloso, a musician known for his lyrical prowess and emotional depth, shared his experiences with Ayahuasca. I was about 14, and his vivid recounting opened my eyes to the expansive possibilities of human experience. Despite the adult themes, my mother's hands-off parenting approach meant that my siblings and I had the freedom to explore such intriguing subjects from a young age.

This encounter didn't directly lead me to astrology, but it planted the seeds of openness to the magical side of life. My first experience with astrology actually began with an online friendship during the early days of Orcutt, the Brazilian “version” of Myspace. A friend, whom I now suspect probably had a Pisces Moon or at least a bunch of Pisces placements, introduced me to my Sun Sign. He corrected my mistaken belief that I was a Leo, showing me that I'm actually a Cancer, and introduced me to numerology. At that time, I was skeptical, especially as the descriptions of Cancer didn't match the tough, masculine facade I was trying to maintain after years of bullying for being effeminate.

Fast forward a couple of years, and I eventually moved to Canada to live with my father. This transition sparked a phase of intense but short-lived atheism. My life in Brazil was deeply influenced by religious fanaticism and a culture of machismo, leading me to initially renounce anything remotely spiritual upon moving. However, as I mentioned, this period was brief. A transformative experience with magic mushrooms prompted a profound reevaluation of my identity, both in terms of atheism and gender expression. This journey of self-discovery guided me towards exploring various spiritual practices, including yoga, breathwork, meditation, cartomancy, casting lots, and eventually, astrology.

But long before astrology became a serious part of my life, my youth was marked by an innate attraction to symbolism. Initially, this fascination manifested in my songwriting and paintings, where symbols served as a rich source of inspiration, weaving depth and complexity into my art and music. It was a way to explore and express the intricacies of human emotion and the narratives of life, yet I never imagined that this love for symbolism would one day evolve into a tool for understanding life itself.

A collage of a person with the head of an earth globe holding a computer with the image of a nature landscape
A collage I made while attending the Ontario College of Arts and Design.

As I settled in Canada, I began to navigate through a period of significant personal change, my path led me to reading Tarot and Oracle cards at parties and through Kijiji (Canada's Craigslist). This practice served as my formal introduction to the world of personal consultation.

Tarot reading deepened my intuitive understanding of symbolism, acting as a bridge to the astrological practice I would later embrace. It sharpened my ability to see the profound meanings hidden within symbols, preparing me for the nuanced language of astrology.

The transition to astrology was sparked by a need for deeper understanding and meaning during a time of loss and introspection. The pandemic, having uprooted my plans of opening my own recording studio and label, forced me to reconsider my direction. Initially, writing horoscopes was a temporary solution to a sudden loss of income, but it quickly ignited a passion that felt predestined. My formal education in astrology at Chris Brennan's Astrology School solidified my commitment to this path, offering me a comprehensive foundation in Hellenistic and Electional Astrology. It was as if everything I had learned and experienced was converging, guiding me toward a practice that felt like a remembering rather than learning from scratch.

Today, astrology is not just a practice but a lens through which I interpret the world. It merges my love for symbolism with a profound appreciation for the natural influences that shape our lives.

An expressionist painting of a woman
A painting I made while attending the Ontario College of Arts & Design.

My Astrological Practices & Philosophies

My winding personal journey and eclectic skills and experiences are embedded into every consultation and chart interpretation I work on. My expeditions through the realms of art, poetry and philosophy have imbued my practice with a unique blend of perspectives, from the skeptic pragmatism of my youth to the mystical transformative experiences that have shaped my understanding of life.

Here are some of the core elements that define my approach to astrology:


My astrological practice is deeply rooted in animism, the belief that consciousness permeates all things in the universe, from planets to the everyday objects that populate our lives.

This worldview extends beyond a mere appreciation for celestial bodies, enveloping even the most mundane aspects of existence that work in unison to birth and preserve life as it is. Influenced by my childhood love for anime, which often explores themes of animism and the spirited nature of all things, I've come to see the world as a dynamic, interconnected community of beings, each with its own essence and role to play.

A Practice Grounded in the Present

While my practice embraces the spiritual and magical, I am particularly drawn to the practical applications of astrology. I primarily use astrology as a calendar, a guide for navigating life's ebbs and flows with awareness and intention. This approach focuses on achieving tangible results and grounding ourselves in the present moment—leveraging the natural cycles to chart the most harmonious path forward.

Astrological Magic & My First Talisman

My exploration into astrological magic was marked by an early success that deeply affirmed my path: a Sun talisman crafted to secure employment shortly after the lockdowns. Remarkably, this talisman was instrumental in landing a job with Astrology Hub, a turning point that not only solidified my belief in the tangible effects of working with planetary energies but also marked the beginning of my professional journey in astrology. This experience underscored the potent intersection of intention, timing, and natural influence in manifesting desired outcomes.

A person holding a Sun in Aries Astrological Magic Talisman
My first Sun in Aries (also Mercury Cazimi) talisman. Illustration by

Beyond Reincarnation

Central to my philosophical stance is a clear departure from the concept of reincarnation. Unlike many spiritual traditions that see our souls cycling through multiple lifetimes, my view is rooted in the belief that our existence, as we know it, concludes at death. This perspective, however, does not diminish the depth and richness of life; rather, it enhances my appreciation for the here and now, encouraging a fully engaged and conscious exploration of this singular existence.

Charting the Future of My Own Practice

As I navigate the initial years of my astrological career I approach the future with a sense of eager anticipation and a clear recognition of the foundation I've already built. While I am still in the early stages, the study and dedication I committed to in these past four years as a consulting astrologer makes me feel confident to say that my practice stands on solid ground. This period has been filled with personal experiences and philosophical explorations, offering me a unique perspective that I'm excited to develop further. I'm currently contemplating the many directions in which I can take my work, seeking to blend my distinct mix of skills and interests to carve out my niche within the astrological community and meaningfully enrich the lives of those I connect with.

In this section, I'll share some of the paths I'm considering and the possibilities that excite me.

The Confluence of Art, Astrology, and Animism

Looking ahead, I see my astrological practice expanding in ways that more fully integrate my background in the visual arts and music with my commitment to animism and the practical magic of astrology. This fusion represents a return to my creative roots, not as a departure from astrology but as a deeper exploration of both practices. I envision creating spaces where art and astrology intersect, offering new modalities for understanding and experiencing the depth of natural philosophy.

A song I wrote about an Aries Full Moon

Future Themes and Topics for Exploration

In my upcoming blog posts, I'm particularly excited to flesh out a concept I’ve been playing with called "Atheistic Animism," a term I've coined to describe my own worldview. This exploration will challenge traditional narratives about life, death, and consciousness, inviting readers to consider a cosmology that sees the divine in all things, yet acknowledges the finality of our earthly journey. I believe this perspective can offer comfort and a renewed sense of wonder about the universe and our place within it.

I'm also eager to explore the practical applications of astrological magic and electional astrology in everyday life. By sharing how these ancient practices can be used to achieve tangible outcomes, I aim to demystify astrology and make it accessible to a broader audience. Whether it's choosing the best time to start a new project or creating talismans for specific intentions, these topics promise to offer practical ways for living in harmony with nature.


By weaving together my diverse interests and experiences, I hope to offer a unique voice within the astrological community. My approach—grounded in practicality yet open to philosophical introspection—aims to bridge the gap between skeptics and believers, inviting everyone to find value in the wisdom of nature. I believe that by sharing my expeditions and discoveries, I can inspire others to explore their own relationship with life, whether through the lens of art, philosophy, or personal development.

Ultimately, my goal is to create content that educates, inspires, and empowers my readers to recognize the magic in the mundane. As I continue to navigate the course of my astrological practice, I look forward to engaging with my audience in discussions that challenge, enlighten, and foster a deeper appreciation for the intricate gift—not the curse—fate presents to us.


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