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Achieve Your Goals with Electional Astrology

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We utilize the precise art of astrological timing to offer realistic insights for your specific goals and projects.

I specialize in harnessing the power of electional astrology to identify the most auspicious times for your important endeavors. This approach transforms the complex language of astrology into strategic advice, ensuring that your actions are aligned with the most favorable timing.

Whether it's planning a wedding, launching a business project, job searching, or re-entering the dating scene, our focus is on utilizing astrological insights to strategically navigate these key life events. These sessions are about making informed decisions at the right time, maximizing your chances for success in any chosen endeavor.


My approach in Horoscopic Planning Sessions is targeted and precise. I am dedicated to understanding your specific goals and aligning our sessions to achieve them effectively.

Each journey begins with identifying your key objectives and analyzing relevant astrological factors. This initial step allows us to strategically pinpoint the most auspicious times for your specific endeavors, whether they are personal or professional.

In these focused sessions, we concentrate on how planetary cycles can be harnessed for your immediate goals. From planning significant life events like weddings and business launches to navigating career transitions or personal milestones, my aim is to provide you with a clear, targeted plan.

These sessions are more than just identifying opportune moments; they're about empowering you with the knowledge to make the most of these times.

This tailored approach ensures that each session is directly aligned with your immediate objectives. It's about leveraging astrology to create a tactical roadmap for specific chapters in your life. By combining astrological precision with actionable strategies, I guide you to align your initiatives with the most favorable astrological timings.

Together, we'll transform astrology into a vital tool for decision-making in your key projects, helping you to understand and utilize the natural rhythms to your advantage.




Unique to my practice, I offer a three-session structure for each goal, accompanying you throughout your entire goal-achievement journey. This method ensures a continuous, supportive partnership, significantly different from the typical one-off nature of Electional Astrology. By being involved from start to finish, my commitment to your success is as deep as yours, providing not just a date but a journey to achievement.



The first session is dedicated to deeply understanding your goal and its underlying motivations. We explore your birth chart timing using techniques like Solar Return, Annual Profections, and Primary Directions to assess the feasibility of your goal within your desired timeframe. This step is crucial in setting a realistic and effective plan, preparing you for the best possible time to act.



In cases where your chart indicates that a desired goal may not be achievable within your proposed timeline, I approach the situation with honesty and compassion. Instead of merely adhering to astrological constraints, I work with you to explore alternative pathways or optimal future timings. This approach ensures that you are fully informed and empowered to make decisions that are best aligned with your life's rhythm and potential. My goal is to provide guidance that is both realistic and supportive, helping you navigate the ebb and flow of life's possibilities with clarity and confidence.


Please note that while astrology can offer valuable insights into various aspects of life, it is important to understand the limitations of these services.


As an astrologer, I am not qualified to provide therapy or counseling for mental health issues such as trauma, depression, or other psychological conditions.

My expertise lies in analyzing past, present, and future trends to assist you in making informed decisions about personal and professional goals.


My role is to act as a time-keeper, offering guidance on scheduling and planning aspects of life. If you are seeking support for emotional or mental health concerns, I encourage you to consult with a licensed therapist or mental health professional.

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what to expect



This initial session is all about defining your goal with clarity. Expect an interactive discussion where you'll articulate your objectives and outline a rough action plan within a 3-12 month timeframe. My role is to ask focused questions that enhance your understanding of your goals and perceived limitations. We'll also briefly cross-reference your desired timeline with your chart to assess the feasibility of achieving your goal within the set timeframe. This session is crucial for establishing a solid foundation for the electional process.



The final session is a reflective conversation where we review the entire process and discuss next steps. We'll address any challenges that have arisen since the key date and strategize on how to tackle them. This session offers a chance to evaluate the experience, learn from it, and plan how to move forward, leveraging the insights gained from the electional process.



In this session, we further analyze the astrological chart you've selected out of the 3 dates provided after Session 1. Similar to analyzing a birth chart, we'll discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the chosen time. This is the moment to address any concerns, make adjustments, and prepare for potential challenges. I'll provide strategies to navigate any shortcomings and ways to amplify the positive aspects of the chart. My goal is to ensure you are well-equipped to maximize the benefits of the selected time.



Welcome aboard with a special offer: new clients receive a 10% discount on future sessions after their initial consultation. Plus, you'll get a comprehensive PDF summary of your first session, outlining key insights and your 3 optimal dates.



The Horoscopic Planning Sessions Package is a targeted astrological journey designed for those with specific goals or projects.

Each 30-minute session is tailored to strategically align your objectives with the most favorable astrological timings.


Focuses on defining your goal and assessing its feasibility within your desired timeline.


Centers on fine-tuning the chosen date, discussing its strengths and weaknesses, and strategizing for success.


A post-event session to review the process, address any challenges, and plan future steps.

$200 CAD*

*All prices are listed in Canadian Dollars and are subject to Ontario Harmonized Sales Tax (13%).



Choose the path that aligns with your needs: our Lite versions offer concise, pre-recorded insights into your astrological makeup or the auspicious timing for your endeavors. This is a perfect budget friendly option for those seeking quick, foundational guidance.


  • Are astrology readings confidential?
    Absolutely. Confidentiality is a cornerstone of my practice. All discussions in our sessions, along with your astrological charts and personal information, are kept strictly private. Your trust is paramount, and ensuring a safe and confidential space is essential for a meaningful astrological experience.
  • Can astrology help me with my mental health issues?
    While astrology can offer a unique perspective on life's challenges, it is not a substitute for professional mental health care. Some therapists, counselors, and psychologists do integrate astrology into their practice, but not all astrologers incorporate psychology and therapy into theirs — myself included. For issues such as trauma or depression, seeking help from a qualified therapist or counselor is crucial.
  • Will I receive a recording of my sessions?
    Absolutely! Every session is recorded, ensuring that you can revisit and reflect on the insights and guidance provided at any time.
  • I'm dealing with personal trauma. Can astrology sessions help?
    While astrology can provide general guidance, my particular approach is not equipped to deal with deep-seated trauma. It’s important to seek support from a mental health professional for such concerns.
  • Can I get a refund from my meet and greet session if I decide to book a full session afterwards?
    While refunds are not available for fulfilled meet and greet session, every client receives a one-time 25% discount code at the end of their meet and greet. If you choose to book a single Chart Reading Interpretation Session or Horoscopic Planning Session afterwards, $50 from your meet and greet fee is credited towards your new booking, effectively reducing the meet and greet cost to $65.
  • Can I book both Chart Reading Interpretation Sessions and Horoscopic Planning Sessions?
    Yes, you can book both. However, for clients intending to work with me long-term, I recommend opting for Chart Reading Interpretation Sessions and adjusting the frequency of these sessions according to your goals. These sessions offer a more involved astrologer-client relationship. Horoscopic Planning Sessions, while also goal-oriented, are structured to be more hands-off in terms of interaction.
  • What is the cancellation/rescheduling policy?
    Notice Period for Cancellation/Rescheduling: You are required to give at least 24 hours' notice to cancel or reschedule a session. Fees and Penalties: There are no penalties for sessions rescheduled or cancelled within the 24-hour grace period. However, sessions cancelled or rescheduled past this deadline are non-refundable, except in emergency situations. Process for Rescheduling: Clients may reschedule a session more than once, provided that each rescheduling is done at least 24 hours in advance of the scheduled session. Method of Communication: To cancel or reschedule, please email Emergency Situations: In case of an emergency, clients should contact us immediately. We handle such situations on a case-by-case basis to accommodate your needs.
  • What's the difference between Chart Reading Interpretation & Horoscopic Planning Sessions? Which one is the right one for me?
    Chart Reading Interpretation Sessions are ideal for clients who wish to work with an astrologer over the long term. These sessions blend astrology and coaching techniques to enhance your quality of life and help you plan for the future with greater preparedness and certainty. Typically lasting 1 hour, clients are encouraged to begin with two Introductory Sessions focused on a thorough analysis of the birth chart and its cyclical patterns. For those familiar with astrological terminology, these are comprehensive Natal Astrology Readings. Horoscopic Planning Sessions, on the other hand, are more targeted and concise. Generally 30 minutes in length, these sessions do not require Introductory Sessions and are ideal for specific goals or projects such as planning a wedding, launching a business project, job searching, or re-entering the dating scene. The Horoscopic Planning Session is offered as a package of three 30-minute sessions, providing touchpoints before, during, and after a particularly auspicious date aligned with your goal. For those well-versed in astrological terminology, this is akin to an Electional Astrology Consultation.
  • What if I’m skeptical about astrology?
    Skepticism is natural, especially in a field like astrology, which operates on principles that are different from conventional science. I welcome skeptics and encourage you to approach the sessions with an open mind. The meet and greet session can be a great starting point to discuss any doubts and see how astrology can offer practical insights. Many clients find that even a basic understanding of their astrological chart can provide valuable perspectives on their lives.
  • What should I expect from an astrology session with you?
    Expect a focus on astrological analysis for personal and professional planning. The sessions are geared towards understanding life's timings and making strategic decisions, not for deep emotional counseling.
  • How can astrology assist me in times of change or uncertainty?
    During transitional phases or moments of doubt, astrology provides clarity and direction, helping you navigate life's complexities with a deeper understanding of the ebb and flow of your natural life cycles. Often, a challenging life event is linked to past occurrences. By analyzing how these themes played out previously, we can strategize how to effectively tackle them in the present and anticipate the potential conclusion of such cycles in the future.
  • How often should I have an astrology reading?
    The frequency of astrology readings depends on your personal goals and circumstances. For those engaged in ongoing Chart Reading Interpretation Sessions, I recommend bi-annual or quarterly sessions to ensure a consistent engagement with your natural cycles. However, if you're using astrology for specific events or decisions, such as in Horoscopic Planning Sessions, the timing might be dictated by the nature of the event or goal. It's about finding a rhythm that resonates with your needs and journey.
  • What is the best way to prepare for an astrology reading?
    To maximize the benefits of your reading, please come prepared with your birth date, time, and location. Having specific questions or areas of focus in mind will also enhance the session's relevance to your life. Due to my approach in conducting readings, it's helpful to spend some time reflecting on major life events that have already occurred. If you have the dates of such events, that's even better! During introductory natal sessions, our primary focus will be on your past and its reflection in the present. Understanding your origins clearly is invaluable for us to critically examine the present and anticipate potential future challenges.
  • What is the difference between astrology and therapy?
    My approach to Astrology provides insights based on celestial influences and is focused on life planning and decision-making. It is not a substitute for therapy, which addresses mental health issues and emotional healing.
  • What can my birth chart reveal about my personality and life path?
    Your birth chart provides profound insights into your inherent strengths, challenges, and the trajectory of both your personal and professional life. In my practice, I work with the astrological concept of Sect to identify which areas of life promote ease and which require more effort. Additionally, I analyze the Ascendant Ruler to determine your overall life direction.
  • What type of astrology do you practice?
    I am certified in both Hellenistic Natal and Electional Astrology, which form the foundation of many of my practices. However, I also employ Medieval and Modern techniques to provide a well-rounded chart reading experience.
  • Are there optimal times for making important life decisions according to my chart?
    Yes, astrology can identify auspicious timings for major life decisions, aligning your actions with favorable astrological configurations for better outcomes. In my practice I use techniques such as Transits, Annual Profections, Solar Returns, Firdaria and Primary Directions to determine those windows of time.
  • What House System do you use?
    I use both Placidus and Whole Sign Houses.
horoscopic planning BG.jpg



Join me on a Meet & Greet Session. This session is a valuable opportunity to glimpse into your astrological strengths and weaknesses. Ideal for those new to astrology or seeking the right astrologer, you'll gain insights into how astrology can be a tool for managing your time with confidence. Plus, if you choose to continue working with me, you'll receive a 25% discount on your next full session. This meet and greet is the perfect first step for making an informed decision about going deeper into the world of astrology.

$115 CAD

Professional Astrologer Joe G


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I'm Joe G, a certified Hellenistic and Electional Astrologer trained at Chris Brennan's Astrology School. My path to astrology began in the realms of art and music, leading me to a unique practice that intertwines these creative passions. Since 2019, I've been guiding clients with a combination of Hellenistic, Medieval, and Modern astrological techniques, focusing on practical life improvement and strategic planning.

My approach is to use astrology as a practical tool for self-empowerment. I aim to teach clients to navigate their own charts, fostering independence and confidence in their decisions. Recognized for my distinctive methodology, including a feature in CAELi's Magazine, as a speaker at CazimiCon 2022 and as a teacher for Astrology Hub's Inner Circle & Gemini Brett's School of Earthstrology, I bring a blend of pragmatism and spirituality to my sessions.


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Feb 23
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Joe G is absolutely amazing at his crafts of astrology and art. He is truly passionate about helping clients understand how the intricacies of astrology can help in different areas of their lives. Joe G has helped us with electing astrological dates and creating beautiful artwork for my husband’s music. Don’t wait, book your reading with Joe G now!

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