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Astrology Prediction, Writings and Magic by Astrologer & Multimedia Artist Joe G. 

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Timing is one of the most important things in life

We all know this, but most of us have little understanding of what time actually is.


Today, most people perceive time through numbers on a clock, packed schedules, and never-ending to-do lists.


The one question I hear most about time is always, "How do I improve my time management skills?" It's as if time is something that can be tamed or dominated.


While time is not a beast, it is a living entity. Like all aspects of life, it should be understood, not dissected and exploited.


Astrology readings help you uncover the true symbolic, mystical, and cyclical nature of time. For some, this can be a life-changing experience.


It certainly was for me.

What can Astrology do?

Astrology is about understanding timing, and you might be surprised by how much can be accomplished through the study of time alone.



By creating an astrology birth chart based on the exact moment of your birth, I can retrace past life cycles and project them into the future.

These forecasting techniques increase your awareness of your life's natural tendencies, providing you with confidence and the gift of foresight.


Answer Critical Questions

By charting the exact moment a question is asked in a Horary Chart, I can identify characters and scenarios related to your question and predict how they'll interact with each other.

This technique can help locate anything from lost keys to determining whether you'll land the job or not.


Reveal Your Best Timing

By comparing your birth chart with the current planetary positions, I can identify the optimal timing for you to take action.

This technique, known as Electional Astrology, will help you start a new business, plan your wedding, or even begin a new diet at a time that ensures success.

Your Astrologer

Joe G. Santos, Traditional Astrologer & Multimedia Artist (he/they)

Joe is a Certified Traditional Astrologer trained by great names in the field, such as Gemini Brett, Chris Brennan & Patrick Watson. 

Their artistic approach to Astrology combines Ceremonial Magic and Traditional Astrology techniques with their Sonic and Plastic Arts expertise to provide clients with creative ways of working with and understanding their personal timing.

Joe is also part of the production team of the renowned Astrology Media Distribution company Astrology Hub, where they serve as Content Creator and in-house Electional Astrologer.

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