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Yearly Horoscope March 20th

Mar 20, 2024





Today inaugurates the first Mercury Year in the Age of Air, an era distinguished by attributes closely aligned with Mercury—such as the dissemination of information, advancements in technology, and global interconnectedness. This Diurnal Year sets the stage for a dynamic and accelerated pace, marking a stark contrast to the more measured energy that characterized 2023. This period is ripe for progress, particularly within the domain of information technology, a sphere deeply cherished by the children of Mercury. Yet, this rapid progression comes with its caveats; the Mercurials may find themselves in a constant loop of revision, where the very speed they thrive on becomes their Achilles' heel. We can anticipate significant breakthroughs that might subsequently be dialed back or reassessed due to oversight or haste throughout the year.




A child exults in their newfound autonomy behind the wheel of their parents' car, navigating the roads with a liberating yet perilous velocity.

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