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Daily Horoscope March 4th

Mar 4, 2024





Today's theme for the Moon's children centers on healing, with a particular emphasis on those who care for animals. It's a day when the nurturing presence of beloved pets provides healing, or conversely, when pets require care for their own wounds, whether physical or emotional. Regardless of the scenario, the essence of today lies in mending the fabric of the upcoming challenging days. The children of the Moon are invited to engage in restorative practices—whether that means concocting healing elixirs, indulging in therapeutic baths, lighting incense for comfort, or seeking solace and guidance from their animal friends—to anchor themselves amid the tumult ahead.


The wider community, mothers, caregivers, nurses, non-masculine leaders, brewers, communicators, those linked with aquatic professions (like fishers and sailors), mystics, and storytellers.


A veterinarian lovingly prepares a medicinal meal for her horses, meticulously extracting both venom and nutrients from a wok brimming with scorpions.

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