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Daily Horoscope March 29th

Mar 29, 2024





The Venusians' recent spree of altruism draws to a close, allowing them to shift their attention inward. Despite the escalating tension in their surroundings, the children of Venus can take solace in knowing they've fulfilled their duties to others. Now, it's time for rest—or more aptly, a descent into indulgence. Today, they are gripped by a bacchanalian urge to immerse themselves in sensory delights. The pursuit of pleasure, whether through mind-altering experiences, sensual practices, or sheer eroticism, dominates their thoughts, providing a refuge from the turmoil beyond their sanctuary.


Performers, artists, poets, musicians, designers, mediators, perfumers, makeup artists, lovers, and those who express feminine energy.


A figure of elegance dances amidst a swirl of mystical, psychedelic mist, raising a glass of wine in a solitary salute to their own essence.


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