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Daily Horoscope February 24th

Feb 24, 2024





Saturnians stand at the brink of transformation, prepared to embrace a new beginning. As one chapter concludes, the future's uncertainty looms large, yet there's a readiness to burrow into the depths of their inner world, seeking freedom in acceptance of their current state over futile attempts of returning to a more dignified past. Today might highlight the stark realization that escaping this prolonged, murky phase is beyond their immediate control. However, this acceptance brings its own form of clarity, acknowledging the need for external assistance. Soon, Saturnians will discover that the support they require is closer than they think.


Traditionalists, business and estate owners, individuals at both extremes of wealth (the very rich and the poor), farmers, laborers, the elderly, and grandparents.


Submerged in the deep, an elder encounters a fish enveloped in noetic flames. The fish telepathically reveals ineffable truths. With this revelation, they yield, allowing themselves to sink further into the ocean's embrace.


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