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Daily Horoscope April 29th

Apr 29, 2024





The children of the Moon are truly versatile beings. Known for their tenderness, they are likely to surprise many today and in the coming week. Typically, they are not inclined to delegate or issue orders, yet today they might realize that doing just that is essential for progressing on their chosen paths. Fortunately, they may find someone willing to assume the role of the "bad guy," allowing them to orchestrate everything discreetly from behind the scenes. This arrangement fosters a spirit of genuine collaboration. By embracing a measure of discipline, the Lunars might astonish themselves with the distance they can cover and the effectiveness with which they can lead.


The wider community, mothers, caregivers, nurses, non-masculine leaders, brewers, communicators, those linked with aquatic professions (like fishers and sailors), mystics, and storytellers.


A CEO stands boldly before their employees as one of their managers watches their back.


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