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Daily Horoscope April 24th

Apr 24, 2024





The long awaited stability the Mercurials were longing for is so close they can almost taste. Now that they’ve accepted and potentially even repaired their missteps they’re more ready than ever to take a leap forward. However, the children of Mercury must be advised that the time they’ve had to reenergize themselves was more necessary than they’re giving it credit for. Now that things are going to start picking up again, they’ll truly soar through their endeavors at a pace that might almost seem humanly impossible. With that in mind, they’re invited to enjoy this last moment of respite, today, as they likely won’t have much time to recuperate in the weeks ahead.


Businesspeople, scribes, writers, astrologers, teachers, the young, scientists, secretaries, assistants, and queer and non-binary individuals.


An androgynous figure sits lazily on a throne. Upon glancing at their watch, they are filled with an intense resolve, clearly visible in their eyes.


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