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Daily Horoscope April 1st

Apr 1, 2024





This period unveils a darker facet of the Moon's children. Over the last week, the Lunars have been confronted with various imbalances that pose a risk to their own peace and the harmony of those around them. Armed with this newfound awareness, they are imbued with a fierce resolve to sever ties with any elements that detract from their envisioned future. Still, this journey of self-reclamation demands a thoughtful approach; there's a danger in hastily discarding aspects of their life or self that may not seem fit but are not yet ready to be pruned away.


The wider community, mothers, caregivers, nurses, non-masculine leaders, brewers, communicators, those linked with aquatic professions (like fishers and sailors), mystics, and storytellers.


A figure, embodying defiance, positions themselves within a circle demarcated by a rope. Brandishing a knife, they threaten to sever the boundaries that encircle them.

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