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Quick & Important Questions

Here are the answers you'll get...

All sessions are led by your questions and needs, but here are a few examples of questions this consult can answer.


Where's my stolen phone?

Yeah! Astrology can indeed address questions like these through a practice known as Horary Astrology. Most people are unaware that ancient astrologers possessed extensive instructions on using the stars to locate lost and stolen objects during the Medieval Era. Fortunately, I have access to all their secrets.


Do they love me?

While I'm not a mind reader and cannot determine whether someone genuinely loves you, exploring the language of astrology can help you uncover answers that already lie deep within you. Asking the stars this question may help clarify your thoughts.


Will I get the job?

Questions like these are not limited to job positions; they can inquire about the outcome of any venture you're undertaking. Answering such questions requires significant trust in astrology and my expertise as an astrologer. Nevertheless, the ancients left clear instructions on how to investigate queries like these, and I strive to follow their guidance.


Starting at $85 USD


All my consultations are priced according to time, allowing you the freedom to decide how much time and money you'd like to invest in your astrological journey.

For consultations like these, I recommend a minimum of 60 minutes for new clients and 30 minutes for returning clients. However, the choice is ultimately yours.




  • I am not a psychologist/counsellor and, therefore,  cannot address issues related to mental health & trauma.

  • I am not a financial advisor and will never provide financial advice.

  • Astrology Forecasting is not perfect, and therefore I do not guarantee any possible outcomes covered during our session.

  • Consultations requesting the best timing for an action and/or events will only give you an Astrologically considered time. The outcome of any of your activities is not my responsibility.

  • I will never tell you what to do.

My Previous Clients

"Joe G. really knows their Astrology and did an amazing job thoroughly breaking down and explaining my chart .They took their time to make sure all my questions were answered. I cannot recommend them highly enough."

Kyle Pierce, Astrologer & Podcaster

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