This is the YouTube show where I look at what the Moon is doing and explain what that can possibly mean for us down here on earth.

Every Lunation, I make a special episode accompanied with a song and a collage I create to try and explain these complex astrological concepts in a fun and creative way. Here's where you find all of them.


August New Moon

Leo New Moon

Grab my sword cuz I'm fighting

Heard in books it'd be frightening

But I'll defend what I think's my right

Golden horses, six of them

Winged feet, each; They flying

An escape route for when we go south west of here

Where the water deceives 

Turns to vapour you can breathe, yeah


But you'll never drink the drink of life

You gotta kill if you don't wanna die

Where the water deceives 

It's just the pressure and the heat, yeah

It'll cook you tender if you dare defy

Though if you're a king they might just let you by.