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Sasha Wallace

I was extremely privileged to receive an astrology session with Jogee, and we embarked on an extensive exploration into my natal birth chart, and I really wanted to share my experience. 
I discovered that I had a greater influence in my chart from my Black Moon Lilith (Cancer placement) that I had previously known about, which was fascinating to me personally. Not only did I learn some new aspects about the "current me", but I also gleaned some valuable insights about "exactly when" to create talismans for the manifestation of my future goals, in accordance with the stars, to bring about the best results for "future me". A truly unique and valuable experience. I would highly recommend working with Jogee if you want to really get under the skin of your star-self!! Thank you so much Jogee!


Amy Moonsong

Jogee is a grounded, well educated and equally intuitive astrologer.  I have called on him many times when I have needed perspective on how to engage my own astrological transits as well as in seeking out collective astrolgical infomration for teaching.  Whether delivering challenging reports or uplifting ones, Jogee displays integrity and eloquence in his descriptions.  I would and have reccomended him to anone seeking astrological advice.  He is also very gifted at writing astrological forecasts.  I have enlisted his help many times in doing this work for New Moons, Full Moons as well as daily updates on planetary transits and events on our Patch Tarot Social Media platforms.


Petronela Nita

Jogee is my go to person whenever I have questions related to astrology. I love the way he explains things, and his passion for the stars and how they influence us is clearly visible and contagious! He is open to exploring different topics and diving deep into various techniques, while keeping a sense of humor and making people feel at ease. I cannot recommend him enough! One word of caution though… you might get hooked on astrology after talking to him!