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Astrology Readings & Consultations

In modern days, Astrology Readings are understood mostly as a psychological practice. While Astrology is certainly great at that, it's far from limited to behaviourism and personality studies.

A reading with Astrologer Joe G. is much more than a personality report. You'll walk out of every consultation with confidence in the direction of your future, as well as a plan of action that meets you exactly where you are in your spiritual or self-betterment practice.

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My Previous Clients

"Joe G. really knows their Astrology and did an amazing job thoroughly breaking down and explaining my chart .They took their time to make sure all my questions were answered. I cannot recommend them highly enough."

Kyle Pierce, Astrologer & Podcaster


Why is Astrology Real?

Astrology is no more than a natural clock grounded in thousands of years of human observation and data collection.

People are always curious about whether Astrology can really predict the future or not, but the truth is, this craft is much more about the past and present than anything.

Astrologers don't just pull their delineations out of thin air. When you book an Astrology Reading, you'll quickly realize that there isn't anything magical about it, at least not in the way magic is understood today. So, don't expect apparitions or energetic lights to descend from the heavens as I read astrology charts for you.

Astrology works because it's nothing more than a way of breaking down cycles. It really is just a better clock.

Not sure how Astrology works?

Send me a message! I'm more than happy to clarify anything!

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