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Astrology Readings & Consultations

In modern times, astrology readings are primarily viewed as a psychological practice. Although astrology excels in this area, it is far from being limited to behaviourism and personality studies.

A reading with Astrologer Joe G. offers much more than just a personality report.


After each consultation, you'll leave with confidence in your future's direction and a tailored plan of action that meets you precisely where you are in your spiritual or self-improvement journey.

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My Previous Clients

"Joe G. really knows their Astrology and did an amazing job thoroughly breaking down and explaining my chart .They took their time to make sure all my questions were answered. I cannot recommend them highly enough."

Kyle Pierce, Astrologer & Podcaster


Why is Astrology Real?

Astrology is essentially a natural clock rooted in thousands of years of human observation and data collection.

People often wonder if astrology can genuinely predict the future, but the truth is, this discipline is much more focused on the past and present.

Astrologers don't simply conjure their interpretations out of thin air. When you book an astrology reading, you'll quickly realize that there's nothing magical about it, at least not in the way magic is commonly understood today. So, don't expect supernatural phenomena or mystical lights to appear as I interpret your astrology chart.

Astrology works because it's essentially a method of breaking down cycles – it's truly just a more refined clock.

Not sure how Astrology works?

Send me a message! I'm more than happy to clarify anything!

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