Advanced Consultation

All of the good stuff from the basic consultation with the addition of predictive techniques and analysis of cyclical patterns. This is a 2 hour-long session for those who have specific questions that need to be answered.

What you get

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  • Double the time of the Basic Consultation.

  • Get a complete view of the year ahead.

  • Uncover the mysteries of your chart and work with me to develop strategies to dodge potential problems.

  • Turn your life into an open book as we examine your broader chapters and cycles according to Zodiacal Releasing.

  • Discover your 2021 power planet according to Annual Profections—whether it's good or challenging.

  • Bonus 1; Get specific with follow-up questions from my Tarot Deck.

  • Bonus 2; FREE personalized chart .pdf of your Natal Chart for guidance at your own pace.

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Bonus Printable Chart Poster

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